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Why hire and manage 5-6 different IT vendors for your biotech company when LTEK Solutions can do them ALL while lowering costs, reducing downtime and eliminating IT-related headaches? From simple IT support for the computers you use every day to our budget-friendly, customizable Clinical Trial Management System, we can eliminate 100% of your IT, data and business application problems so you can focus on bringing revolutionary solutions to our world.

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4 Big Reasons Why BioTech Companies in The Bay Area Outsource Their Computer IT Support To Us:

1. NO Long-Term Contracts

We keep our clients by delivering excellent service, not binding, multi-year contracts that handcuff you to using us.

2. NO Nickel-And-Diming Or Fine Print

Our service agreements aren’t full of weasel clauses and exclusions; you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and what you can expect – no “gotchas” or hidden fees.

3. You’ll Get A Professional Team, Not A “One-Man-Band”

Many IT BioTech companies only have a few technicians on staff, which means you might be left waiting for hours or even DAYS to get your computer problems resolved because they’re short staffed or too busy trying to serve all their clients.

4. 7-Minute Guarantee:

We will have a qualified technician working on resolving your IT problem within 7 minutes or less, GUARANTEED.

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Commitment And Dedication To The Highest Quality Of Customer Service

LTEK’s customizable/flexible managed services provides notice of potential issues and data backup solutions has helped free up my time to focus on other tasks and provides peace of mind that if an issue arises a team of highly qualified first responders is there when we need them.

Sheryl Pope
IT/IS Manager, Burbank Housing Development Corporation

Innovative, Thoughtful And Cost Effective

During the horrible Napa fire our entire system went down. LTEK immediately came to our rescue and worked day and night to protect our business. A disaster recovery plan was created as well in anticipation of future threats of downtime or data loss.

LTEK has the personal touch, knows our people and responds quickly to our needs. They are the IT firm that is innovative, thoughtful and cost-effective and efficient. If you want your business to be successful, choose LTEK!

Karena Zakhour
President, Advanced Pressure Technology

Anticipating Our Needs Before We Know What They Are

It is a dream to have LTEK supporting our company’s technology needs. They are always available and tend to our needs promptly. It’s important to us to have minimal or no downtime and LTEK’s cloud solution does the trick. Having a technology partner like LTEK removes any potential stress as everything is done in a proactive manner where they anticipate our needs before we know what they are. I highly recommend LTEK Solutions to any business who deserves high quality IT support and a partner at the boardroom table.

Rebecca Gove
CFO, Rossi Builders

Don’t think you’re in danger because you’re not a big target like J.P. Morgan or Home Depot? Think again. The National Cyber Security Alliance reports that one in five small businesses have been victims of cybercrime in the last year – and that number is growing rapidly as hackers develop more sophisticated ways to target businesses' emails and website.

Because of all of this, it’s critical that you know the 7 Urgent Security Protections BioTech Companies Must Have In Place Now. This free report outlines the things you should do to protect your business, starting today!. And the single most critical policy you need to have if your employees are using their own personal devices and home computers to access company email.

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LTEK Solutions was founded by IT innovator and architect Thomas Dhumad. He has spent over 20 years helping companies optimize and streamline their IT investments. Thomas believes customers should be focused on running their core businesses and not on managing costs and training, updating staff certifications, and staying on top of current trends.

That’s where LTEK comes in! We can help you keep things running efficiently as well as leverage today’s technology trends to improve your core business’s performance. With an excellent team of certified network consultants and support staff, we have all the expertise you’ll ever need, and we can move quickly to accommodate you!

Today’s IT is not just about keeping your company’s servers and emails running. We know that is important, but to be competitive today you need to focus on what we call Innovation Technology -- those technology drivers such as big data and mobile apps that can drive your company’s profitability and sustainability. We can blueprint and implement both for you. We know IT!

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