Cloud Computing

For more than two decades, the LTEK Cloud Team has offered cloud services customized to fit our clients’ specific needs.

Cloud transitions are hassle-free with us guiding you through the many layers of cloud services, from a fully integrated end-to-end cloud solution to implementing a mobile IT environment.

The LTEK Cloud Team is dedicated to providing you the right technology, tools, and approach when migrating to a cloud-based environment, helping your business succeed in an extremely competitive digital era.

Taking a cloud project from design to implementation requires a thorough understanding of the technology and we have the expertise to get everything right, from conception to completion.

Adopting cloud based services offers benefits such as business continuity, workforce mobility, and scalability. It is a two-tier process: implementing cloud services with the proper foundation, and ensuring everything is up and running.

Cloud Readiness Assessments

LTEK Solutions has developed a comprehensive Cloud Readiness Assessment, where we conduct a high-level evaluation of your environment, and provide you with a clear road map to help you leverage the competitive advantages available in the cloud.

This assessment goes several steps further by taking into consideration the complexities and nuances of your particular business environment, making certain that you are truly ‘cloud ready.’

After we have completed our thorough review, you get a customized Cloud Assessment Report that will help you make important decisions about transition your business to the cloud.

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